David Challinor

Managing Director - Specialist Motor Finance

David Challinor talks about how Specialist Motor Finance operates in order to be competitive in the financial lending market and how the company ensures they are a responsible lender.

David Challinor has worked in financial services for over 32 years in a variety of positions. He is a founding Director and shareholder of The Funding Corporation, a sister company of Specialist Motor Finance, and was responsible for implementing the initial operational infrastructure. This consisted of all the operational processes and controls for loan processing and pay-out, underwriting, customer services, complaints, collections and IT and preparation of the requisite company policy and procedure manuals.

In a later role of General Manager, he was responsible for Legal & Compliance for a period of time. Over the past 15 years he has gained extensive experience of a variety of consumer lending products and fully embraces the importance of ethical and responsible lending to ensure the best possible customer outcome.  David continually applies his own high ethical standards to all company decisions and in all his dealings with customers and SMF’s outsourcing staff.