As with any international importer, logistics could not play a bigger role in the automotive part of our business. From the control of air and sea freight operations importing vehicles and parts from around the globe, to the storage and distribution of goods around the UK and Europe, every aspect of logistics is designed to be as fast and as efficient as possible.

IT has played a huge part in helping us streamline our logistic operations. Bespoke systems will help us communicate with customs when importing into Europe; they will track shipments at any point ensuring that we can identify the location of any part or vehicle at any time, and know exactly when a delivery will arrive at its destination. Integrated IT systems ensure that financial transactions, linked to logistics activities, are processed quickly and effectively.

I.M. Group owns and operates import and storage facilities at our extensive sites in Sheerness in the UK and Malmo in Sweden. These ideally placed facilities give us a huge advantage when receiving shipments of vehicles since distribution to our dealer network is handled by our own personnel, rather than an intermediary. This maintains the speed and efficiency that our network has come to expect from dealing with us as a Group, as well as unsuring the highest quality standards.



I.M. Group was initially founded as a supplier of parts for the British car manufacturer Jensen. A name change and a few highly successful franchises later and we're still very much involved in the supply of parts and service for all our franchises across our Uk & European dealer networks.

We handle the import, storage and distribution of manufacturers' parts and our dealer network is responsible for the customer facing service of our vehicles. The network is in constant contact with a team of specialists, based in our UK & Nordic headquarters buildings, who know our products in detail and are always on hand to help.

Aftersales is a vital part of our automotive business, particularly when it comes to our customers. Representing mainly niche brands, our company commitment is to try harder than anyone else to meet and surpass customer expectations. This should apply to not only our products but every touch-point customers have with us and our dealers after the point of purchase.